Storyline 1

Inspired by (1) the BBC TV Series “Black Mirror” series 1-Episode 3:”The Entire History of You”; (2) the film Eagle Eye(2008), I come up with a rough story about Digital Afterlife:

schoolboy, IT father, good relationship
father sick and died, boy think of dad (the moments they used to spend together, especially those related with social media) (bansky mobile lovers, singing in the rain)
boy post message on social network tagging his dad, unexpectedly receive dad’s response….
finally, boy find out his father designed an Artificial Intelligent system to manage his digital avatar after his death….

Personally review:
the storyline not bad,
BUT hard to present in live 3D mapping show with real people – a number of actors, various environment setting of scenes, conversation, background music
IF make it an animation instead, it requires strong techniques about human facial and movement animation… and I am more fascinated and eager to do 3D mapping performance.

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