Digital Art From ” Art of the Digital Age”

Experiential Extremism Project

~~~ could be inspiration of visual assets creation ~~~
by Bonnie Mitchell, Elainie Lillios, Gregory Cornelius
“sonic events to control emotional and physical responses” (BOOK, Art of the Digital Age, P9)

“Phase One, the “psych up” phase, mimics psychological and emotional states of being prior to engaging in an extreme event. Phase Two, the “event” phase, abstractly portrays the event itself. Phase Three, the “cool down” phase, represents post-experience reflection. Each phase evolves over time, creating a unique, individualized experience with each visit.” (WEB,



~~~ could be used as presentation of digital data ~~~
by Benjamin Fry
visualizing dynamic big data
Master Paper:


Financial Viewpoints

by Lisa Strausfeld
“Employing three spatial dimensions, the tables and charts (implemented in two dimensional planes) intersect one another where relations exist. ” (Paper,


 Visual Thesaurus

An interactive dictionary showing thesaurus.


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