Summary of Each Scene

SCENE 00: (opening scene)

SCREEN: show some research data
VOICE: sth. that shows the prevalence of people leaving traces digitally



SCREEN: EKG lines from active to stop.
SOUND: EKG heart beat
VOICE: (when EKG stops) “Sorry, we lost your grandpa.”
(when screen black out) “No, it is not true, Grandpa will never never leave me alone.”
[After Effects]



SCREEN: moving images flash from various corner and disappear
(1) Grandpa smile waving (2) walking (3) sit on sofa and play cellphone (4) sitting besides computer (5) snap and wake up on sofa (6) big laughing … …
? maybe add some moving effects on the ground screen as well?
STAGE: girl chases after moving images
[Final Cut/ After Effects] [Max]


STAGE: girl holding the phone (phone screen light up), move it around
SCREEN: video clips of moments of grandpa appear and play where the phone screen light move
[Final Cut/ After Effects] [Max]



VOICE: “Sorry, we lost your grandpa… … ” repeat again and agin, annoying
SCREEN: video clips crash disappear
STAGE: girl scare, heartbreak
[Final Cut/ After Effects] [Max]



STAGE: girl try cellphone light to wake up videos, but no more; girl type the phone to text post online
SOND: cellphone typing sound
SCREEN: twitter message – “Grandpa, where are you? I miss you”
[After Effects]



SCREEN: Black and light + dots flow
VOICE: (computer voice) “Digital Afterlife AI mode is being activated.”
SCREEN: code rain
VOICE: “Everyone has two existences in the world, one physical and one digital. Once you post online, you are leaving searchable data online. Digital Afterlife will collect and analyse all of your digital data and take the place of you to keep active digitally after you die. You will never die in digital world.”
SCREEN: code rain spin around and form as a ball
STAGE: girl play with the ball like TAIJI sporting
[Blender] [MAX]



STAGE: girl push the ball to the right side
SCREEN: the ball spin and spin from top to bottom, and then the human model appear from it; it sparks a bit and then become the ASCII grandpa; ASCII grandpa walk towards girl and lift up his hand
STAGE: girl first reluctant and latter put her hand over grandpa
SCREEN: extreme white light comes out from the two hands, all white light stage



SCREEN: twitter message – “I am and will be always with you.”
VOICE: (computer) “I am and will be always with you.”


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