Jun 25th, Main Lecture Theartre, ECA Main Building

Quite like the wide dimension of the screen/white-wall and the black indoor environment which means I don’t need to wait for sunset 😉


1. The Media:
(1) Part 3 -> need to be changed, it’s too long (still thinking how to change)
(2) Part 5  -> changed to one screen and alter the corresponding angle
(3) The black transition between Part 7 and 8 should be a bit longer

2. The Performer:
(1) Action rehearsal, especially Tai Chi
(2) white clothes

3. The Stage:
(1) Need to think a solution to close the gap – around 1.5m, between the screen and the floor. Ideally the bottom line of the projecting images should appear just above the floor. (This time, the performer was standing on a small table to reach the screen which highly restricted performance result)
(2) Probably need second projector.

23 4 5 6 7 9 10





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