Why 99?

There is a joke in China birthday party: for best wishes, attendants will say something like “Happy Birthday. May you keep healthy and live as long as 100 years old.” Therefore, people start to joke, especially the elderly who celebrate 99-year-old birthday would pretend to become angry if receiving such “Live as long as 100 years old” wishes because that means this would be his or her last birthday party. Just have fun.

Actually, the figure – “100” is not meant to indicate a specific age but to show people’s wish to enjoy longer life. However, what if “100” is the day of death, what would you prepare? To leave a last will? Will you include the digital assets along with the physical assets? They are intangible but sometimes appear more valuable and mean a lot to living friends and family.


Digital Afterlife

Traditionally, people will find traces of the dead people, mostly from physical objects. However, nowadays, virtually everybody not only lives in a physical world, but also virtual one, and sometimes leaves more digital footprints (e-mail, social network accounts, purchased digital books, music, etc.) than in reality. Therefore, what will happen to our digital avatar after the death of the physical body? Will it be accessed by our beloved ones, or exists some corner in the 0-1 world or just vanish afterwards? What will our further generations research on us – a generation of information technology? Probably, in the future, the collections displayed in museums about such generation or human history are no longer only tangible objects, but also digital life footprints.

Some organizations start to set up some initiatives, like Google Inactive Account Manager to allow users to set the following actions after a specific inactive state. In this project, I aim to raise people’s awareness about this issue of Digital Afterlife by a 3D-mapping digital show.



Digital Afterlife

1)   Death in the digital word
2)   Google launches tool to determine data use after death
3)   The Digital Beyond
4)   Black Mirror – The Entire History of You (The Backside of Digital Media)

3D Mapping/Interactive Show

1)   Break Dance with Video Mapping

2)   Air Asia X interactive Dance Show

3)   txt interactive Dance Show

4)   3D Japanese Dance Show

5) Human Face Video Mapping


Project DEADLINE – August 15th 2014

99 Days to go, start from today May 7th